"line" node - from a to b

i am looking for a “line” node (similar to the one in max/msp) which goes from a to b in given time. i tried to use damper, lineanimation?(don’t rem the name), deniro and decay and patch it, but, they all go from the previous stored val to the new given value (what is actually very nice :))
i could not figure out how to make a patch for my prob. again, i would like to set a to b, time, than go (e.g.: from 1 to -0.666 in 0.3 sec, next from -1 to 0.23 in 0.5 sec, next from 1 to -0.111 in 1 sec, etceteraetcetera…).
if somebody knows how to… thanks a lot for any help and tipps!

maybe Map (Value Interval) is what you need using an lfo as input

or Timeliner… ?

yeah tonfilm
i’d use the timeline too but if you want to use an awkward way…look at the attached patch.

manyWaysToRome.v4p (10.0 kB)

thanks all for the answers.
@u7angel: thats great. i modified it with another framedelay after the linefilter. now its possible to “jump” in 0 sec. to the next value (in this case -1 or 1 eg. left or right). without framedelay the EQ and TogEdge combi did not recognise values lower than 0.03 sec. in the right way.
now i work on a way to feed the linefilter with a spread to get not just one line but three or more. for example:
quad01: go to -1 in 0sec then to 0.7 in 1sec;
quad02: go to 1 in 0sec then to -0.75 in 1sec;
quad03: go to 1 in 0sec then to -0.01 in 1sec;

ManyWaysToRome02.v4p (10.5 kB)

as woei mentioned above, another way to make something like “line” with lfo, map and framedelay.

StraightToRome.v4p (8.3 kB)

If you make an LFO run only once, it is more accurate, and no need for a framedelay…

Read here for that, and for much more other stuff to learn…]

thanks for the hint.
it’s better now.

StraightToRome-v02.v4p (9.8 kB)