Line node as shader

hello beloved forum

does anybody know wheter there is a shader out there which “replaces” the line-node?
i´m almost a virgin in shader-matters… some circumstances make me to have a finished patch running on a pretty slow machine. and my framerate decreases as soon as i draw all my lines (even when i replaced them with ropes). so my assumption is, that it could work with a “line-shader”. so i found the “curve-simple”, but this one doesnt exactly what i want. i need to connect the 1st slice witch the 2nd one, the latter with the 3rd, and so on…
anybody has an idea, how this code could look like?

thanks a lot


curve simple is the right shader. put the all points into point input 1 and then shift the spread by 1 point and put it into input 2…

but i doubt, that it will be faster. at the end, all DX9/EX9 nodes use shaders to draw the geometry. one could say, there is no other way to draw things in a EX9 renderer than with a shader, its all a job of the graphics card.

you can try to switch off the antialiasing of the line (or of the renderer if its on), this should increase speed.