Line following bot

Hello guys.

I want to make line following robot for my kids.

it looks using webcam and some CV.

I’m planning make line detection part using VVVV.
Is there any hint / node or good reference for that?

Sorry for my bad English.



Just stumbled upon this a few days ago :

Seems that could do the trick !


You can use the VL.OpenCV library to handle your computer vision logic. A couple of example on how to tackle the problem can be found here:

and here:

The basic idea would be to:

1.Capture an image
2.Convert it to black and white and slightly blur it (makes things easier)
3.Crop the image to a specified region of interest
4.Use edge detection, HoughLines, FindNonZero or DetectNonZero functions to recognize the segment of the line in your region of interest
5.Translate the position of the line into a command your robot can use to move forward and steer

For a bit more information on how to use VL.OpenCV have a look here:

Hope that helps.! I’d just use arduino…

Just a webcam plus pipet node

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