Line EX9 shader

Anyone know why this eats so much gpu?

I need some way to optimise it, or find an alternative.

Any ideas?

how do you use it, that it eats up so much gpu?

10 trillions of lines i guess ;]

i have to agree, i had to switch to rope and other solutions, its very hungry for some reason. did’nt have enough time to check why…

I’m using a ‘multi camera’ type setup with it which is obviously quite hungry anyway, but other than that I’m just using some bsplines to generate small to medium sized spreads of line points. Comparing how many lines I can use compared to almost any other shader, even with complex meshes, the difference in performance is large.

@u7angel - did you find an alternative method for making lines in 3d? Rope seems to be 2d only. I could do with a fix soon as I’m performing tomorrow and have had to strip loads out of my set!

I’m using an i7 and gtx580 combo by the way so have plenty of computing power.


no, just used rope…