I am doing a patch but i have some problem to end it because of lack of skills.

The idea is:

  • Using a picture as input of contour node.
  • Using a line to connect all points of the output (x and y) of countur node and generate a empty silhouette
  • finally with inputmorph switch between the contour output and a wave generate by linear a circular spread.

the lack of skills emerge in the point 3 were the interpolation beetween the two input produce some noise and side effect…

i attach patch if someone want to see…


test (20.2 kB)

I don’t really know if I got the Problem
But have a look at BinSize, Resample and Count

Nuova (36.5 kB)

ok… it is the way…
I am following your suggestions, if i improve the patch i will post it here

i write here because the question is about the same work.

  • how is possible put a new value of a spread a the end ?

in this case put a point one after he other, so that having this line open?

point line.v4p (9.1 kB)

For other people that want to look at something similar in the future, it is really okay to make multiple posts about different subjects.

Any specific reason you are using the GDI renderer?

Anyway, a line has a “From” and a “To” coordinate, so the first point and the last point of a spread should only be used 1 time. Some CDR and CARS can help you remove the first and last slice o a spread.

point line2.v4p (9.5 kB)

i have used the GDI render only to make a test.