Lindenmayer Help and PluginTester patches

using beta28.1, I stumbled into PluginTester patch, finding Lindenmayer as a red node, there and in its helppatch - though the node is in NodeList and working.

It seemed to me that the patches or the versions of the nodes were outdated, so I repatched it with latest alpha (as 05/11/12, 16:05), following xml; the spreaded example seems not properly rebuilt, though (I can’t find any other link pointing to/starting from Lindenmayer nodes).
Regarding PluginTester, I’ve simply replaced the node, and changed some text inside.

Or is there something wrong on this scrap which is my machine or the system?

Attached the “working version” for both Lindenmayer and PluginTester patches.

Is it correct assuming that the relation between .NET 2.0 and plugins is no longer valid?

Ciao (6.1 kB)

helo h99,

thanks for pointing this out. Lindenmayer was missing in the diffff.xml which i just fixed for betas>28.1

instead of “repatching” you could have simply double-click-replaced the red-nodes in the lindenmayer helppatch which also fixes all connections automagically.

and right, the .net2 info in PluginTester.v4p is outdated and i actually removed the whole (now obsolete) patch. vvvv won’t start up without .net4 installed anyway.

Oh my… NodeDoubleClicking! Totally forgot about that! :D