Limit node?

hey, i need a node that limits the minimum and the maximum of a input value,

does anyone know about something like that?

Map (Value) in “Clamp”-mode.

see also MapRange (Value) .

here they are!

i want to control sth by the mouse wheel, scrolling forward means raise up to 10 at maximum, scrolling backward means fall down to minimum of 0 , that works perfect now.

but when i scroll to position -5 maybe, i need to scroll 5 times in the other direction to change the value again. and if sbdy scrolls to -50, he will never find back on track :)

the mousewheel should stop at 0 and 10,
the wheel schould only say +1, -1 to control this way.

did anyone get it :)

If you want only +1 and -1 from the mousewheel, just connect a FrameDifference (Animation) to the middle mouse button.

MiddleMouse0to10.v4p (7.6 kB)

and you even don’t need that much nodes using the old recursive trick.

best regards to ijmuiden…

MiddleMouse0to10.v4p (17.6 kB)

oh thanks to you guys!!

btw, how can i create those non-liniear bezier conections?

see User Interface