Like ledwall

Hi guys ,

what is the way to change the color of those quads by applying the shape of a text with typospread maybe ,

ColorShapeTypospread.v4p (9.5 kB)

hi abraham,
Pipet (EX9.Texture) is your node.

thanks kalle did not think of pipet , would be posible to see any little example , i have used pipet to get the colors from the pixel of a camera or load a pic with the text on it , but how do i apply this info to the wall of quads in order to make the text shape ?

I tried it with gridpick, but since the typospread only gives you the outline, a pipet sound rather good for other shapes. (no time for an example on that one, hehe).;

ColorShapeTypospread2.v4p (20.2 kB)

16*16 pixel is not much for text.

tempColorShapeTypospread-1.v4p (17.3 kB)

hey , those patches are great , thank you guys i apreciated ;D