Lighting of a skinned model is in total mess

Hi, guys.

I have a problem with importing very simple skinned model from Cinema4D into VVVV. So you see the difference.

I make a test patch where I put both a mesh with texture and skinned one. They have absolutely different lighting, and light directions of the skinned mesh are in a total mess. I’ve tried to rotate skeleton’s main bone to find out if the problem is connected to orientation stuff, but I still a little bit confused.

Here is my patch (22.4 KB)

looks like this skinning shader has some normal’s problem

it’s working for me without problem.

however direct transform on the phongdirectional does actually cause the artifact you described,

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Somehow 1 or 2 versions ago the worldmatrix got accidentally multiplied into the light vector, which doesn’t really make sense …

Line 75/92

aaanyway don’t use phong for production.

OMG! I’ve just checked a skinning.gsfx and found “float norm = 0” instead of “float3” at line 29. I have no idea where the hell this teeny-weeny “3” has gone. I don’t even remember if I’ve opened this code before to have an opportunity to accidentally delete it. Maybe I have my own mister Hyde who did this.

Anyway, guys, thanks. Without your help I would spend sleepless hours trying to rebuild the model or doing something even more pointless.

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