"LightBrain" Hardware Prototype


I’ve recently become more and more involved in electronics. It’s not the first project I’ve done that was completely designed and produced by me personally. So, I think it might be of interest to the community - I am involving VVVV in this project.


I found it especially interesting because it’s essentially a universal device, but I’ve already shown that you can use it as an art-net node for example. With the universal power supply up to 30V and the ability to work without a soldering iron it turns out to be very handy device.

Also I thought it would be cool to make a VVVV Board - something useful; for DMX control, some device controling, a wide range of applications, maybe with a screen, buttons and open source files. Let me know what you think of it — gathering opinions, wishes.

More details, examples (including vvvv), photos and videos on github: