Light feedback

hi, anyone can tell me how to make light feedback? currently i am using trautner-freeframe to detect motion, when a motion is detected the physical light is on. any light device i can use for this? for example usb light, or maybe hack joystick controller which connected to LED light.

if using joystick is possible, how to set up the device. because now i can use joystick as the input devices, can i change it as output deivice?

So, you want to turn on a light when you detect motion? (how many, how bright etc…)

Most common way people do this is using DMX, but for one light that can be rather expensive. A small light, like a single LED can be easier.

On the Documentation Page there is a section called ‘Hardware & HowTo connect things’, which offers many options.

Don’t think the basic joysticks can receive feedback from the computer. (but can be wrong here)

Since I don’t get what you want exactly, I can’t help you exactly.

edit: this smells a bit like Hardware btw ;)

the light i need to on is only one, is it possible to on/off the LED light without DMX or other devices? maybe, can vvvv control usb light? or other options pls?

To bad, Quote from another website:

"The USB ports supply 5V power to whatever is plugged into them. A device can use the data lines and/or the power lines when plugged into them. Since most lights don’t use the data at all, they’ll just get power from the 5V lines.

5V power is always supplied to the ports, even if you disable to USB ports. There’s no method, that I’ve found anyway, of turning the power off to a USB port."

If you can find a way to have a lamp/software combo that works on your PC, sure we can make it work in vvvv ;)

But I hope some one has a smart idea :)

hum… those document should be a good start.
you may use an usb to lpt device. lpt is emeting electricity, and no doubt it should be easy to check. but be carefull for your computer !

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