Licensing question

i was impressed by the low number of payed licenses for vvvv last year.

We all know how is growing the community, and that VVVV is very used. And not rare…

Despite the point i m always making some licensing for theatre or dance companies where there is money available, on “big” project,
for small and independant companies i m usually using my own computer with vvvv, and not making pay any license, as there is low money.

So my question is very simple, in a way to make things more normal,
why wouldn’t there be any licensing price depending money size of the project ?

For example:

  • if a budget is down the 3 000 euros, the license could be 50 euros
  • from 3 000 to 15 000 euros license could be 100 euros
  • up the 15 000 euros, license would be its actual price.

Also one important point for me, is that licensing is really strange for us in its procedure of international payement.
Usually people are asking me how it works and not really understanding it, despite the vvvv page about licensing.
Could be great to have a system that generates factures and TVA things quickly, with payement from internet in credit cards.

Also i would really appreciate a “Donate” button around there, to help and support our vvvv crew ;-)

Voilà ! What are you thinking about it ?

Transferring vvvv license:
-is it possible?
-what is the procedure?
-some limitations?

helo karistouf,

thanks for your concerns. when we published the statistics for last year we didn’t want to worry anyone or start a discussion about vvvvs licensing (still thanks for all the feedback though). it was supposed to encourage people not to forget to think about their commercial usage of vvvv and buy more licenses accordingly. we’re not asking for handouts, we only want a slice of that fat commercial pie. so yes, we want to become rich with vvvv but not at any prize!

would be interesting to hear more about what the actual problems in understanding are. we have the feeling that with the automated webshop it now works quite flawlessly…

huh, i’d say this is excatly what is happening. click a button, fill out a simple form, enter credit-card details, get your facture. thats it. please try to be specific about problems you’re experiencing and we’ll try to improve the process.

Personally i find the vvvv license to be one of the most liberal ones i’ve ever encountered. The very encouraging definition of “commercial use” was what made me take it out for a spin in the first place and i totally fell in love with it. So when i had my first commercial gig (which was 3-4k € including development and 3 days of show - so mostly a shit deal for my side) it only felt natural to get a license. Actually i think the price of vvvv is very reasonable compared to other software packages i bought. (hello, autodesk…) Also considering the absolutely vast amount of possible usage scenarios i never regretted getting a license although i only had 3 real commercial usages in like 2 years. (i’m mostly doing serious games in unity) If you take karistoufs example of a 3k budget for a whole company production i don’t really see anybody paying their rent from that so that would be non-commercial usage in my book. To sum it up: i think vvvv licensing terms are superfair, but these are ofcourse only my 2 cents…

Hi joreg,

Payement functions: ok it is great now, forget about it, i didnt come to the licensing page since a while.
Autant pour moi!

Projects licensing:
Keeping vvvv a moral affair is good, and letting it fully available freely also
Considering medium sized licenses (100/200 euros) would give more licenses to come.
For my part there could have been 2 or 3 if in this range of money (500 euros licenses is ok when project has joined a critical mass in terms of production)
I m not in the event field but in the danse and theatre field where things are done with really less money

Or maybe considering full licenses for developpement usage and low-middle license for players?
A vvvv player?

Thread joreg pointed out is enough clear about the number of licensed payed. I think there is something getting wrong .