LFO bool datatype "not in use"

VL in beta39 here, so not sure if correct forum.

Why do I have to use an IO box to set the datatype between a bool output and a bool input for it to work? For example between an LFO bang out and a counter UP bang in.

I also wish you would bring back a toggle with an inverse output.

cheers, A


seems you have to manually assign the link between LFO’s New Cycle output and Counter’s Up to Update (select the link > left click > assign to > Update)… i’m not sure why it behaves like that though, maybe someone can clarify?

in gamma it behaves as expected. just connect them.

weird, i have the same behavior in g975, see


gamma 2019.1.0-0827-g397c3356f1 here

well, after looking inside the LFO I guess it’s simply because those pins are not assigned to Update!

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i think there was a change on pins at some point.
my guess is, that this was technically important to have the ability to assign output pins of a process to different operations, which can be nice in some cases. e.g. the LFO’s changed pin can go to update, while its phase output can go to another operation.

anyway, this unassigned default is quite an error-source that’s hard to spot.

can the @devvvs shed some light on this, pls?

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