Less than and greater than

I have a sensor which is detecting pitch. It gives a value of 0 to 1 depending on its position. When the sensor reads 0 to 0.25 I would like a value of 1 to be given in the output, also when the sensor reads 0.7 to 1 I would like 1 to be given as the output. 0.25 to 0.7 should give a value of 0. Is there a specific node that will allow me to do this?

Would the nodes with the same name as you wanted work with this?
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Then straight into the OR node.
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less than and greater than.v4p (2.6 kB)

One node would be the (= (value) ) and set the epsilon correct, you can also use a < > and OR node, BOOLEAN logic ;)

Attached Patch show both ways.

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EpsilonMagic.v4p (14.6 kB)

Perfect. Thanks a lot!!

i recommend Map (Value Interval), keeping it clean with a single node :)

not really for this but for similar purposes:
Hysteresis (Animation)

missing helppatch can be found here:

Wow! Map (Value Interval) is amazing! I don’t know how I overlooked that node.

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