"Length"-node bug with empty spreads


i discovered a bug in the “length” node in version beta 8.0.

feed it first with an empty spread and switch then to a “filled” spread, “length” measures the length of all strings as 0. if you switch one more time to a another “filled” spread length measures the strings correctly again. i made a patch which illustrates this behaviour but im not sure where to upload this… file gallery doesnt seem to be the right place for “bug” patches…

ele meier

hm… cannot reproduce this. i would really need your patch to see this. upload to the forums is apparently turned off. maybe you could place it somewhere on your userpage and tell me where to download.

you can download the patch here:


ok. got that one. beta8.1 is quasi on its way.

same problem was with Change (String) and Change (Value)
there may be even more nodes that show this wrong behaviour… denounce 'em!