LED tracking

Hi, anyone know how to track led light using camera? is it possible in vvvv?

Hi, yes it is very possible and lots of people use vvvv for that.

First do all the tutorials so you know vvvv a little.

Get a progressive source USB or firewire camera, plug it in and install drivers, open up vvvv, make a VideoIn(DShow9) node connect it to a VideoOut(DShow9) node then make a ColorTracker node, highlight the colorTracker node and press F1 to view its help file.

With your new vvvv skills you won’t have any problems getting the help file to work with video.

Look at this out for tracking colour Leds, and this for info on other video tracking methods.

I’m cuurently working on a project tracking infrared LED’s.
I’m using the wiimote (and the fabulous Wiimote plugin for vvvv) to do the tracking for me. Worth considering if you haven’t already splashed out on a high performance camera


i could use led light as tracking medium. the object can move follow the led light, but it looks weird, the objec i tracked become double. how to solve it?