LED Control Panel with Touch Screen

No I am able to send DMX commands to my LED Lights, I can make them any color I want.

I also have 2 old touchscreens laying here… now, my dream is to make an easy to use control panel, so people can simple sellect the room, and than the lights and then the color they want to give to the light.

Like the stuff you saw in the ‘house off the future’ 20 years ago ;)

I know I can make it in VVVV, only have to figure out how (don’t know what modules already have an user interface, so I can look how it is done)

That is my dream, and I just wanted to share it with you people… :D
(any tips are more than welcome!!)

my name is HARSHA,i am doing my mtech(digital electronics).
in b.e i did project on"moving display board using touch screen" i.e i gave touch screen as input device
to my display board,when i was doing i didn’t found touch screen but at that time i know how to write
the code for touch screen atlast i implemented by designing my own touch screen and atlast my concept was accepted by my proffeser that it is very similar to real touch screen working.
mail id:sriharsha_halvi@rediffmail.com

@West: I’d say you have two issues to care about. a) write a touchscreen driver b) create/find GUI objects to use with that.

a) identify the brand & model of your touchscreens and post them here, perhaps that has already been solved. If you want to add two touchscreens to a single PC at the same time, they’d better be RS232, because with USB versions it will have to run in mouse emulation mode, and that means you probably won’t be able to get input from both at the same time.

b) you should look at the demo patches, e.g. for video mixers etc, which are floating around on this forum and on a few user pages. They might use button-like objects already. And you can reuse a lot from the girlpower folders, for things like recording gestures. As with a), you might need to ask more specific questions to find out more!

@Harsha: Could you clarify: Did you write the touch screen drivers, or did you make the electronics for a touch screen? What techniques were you using?

I already have my touchscreen working :)

a) Just using the M3 driver it came with, hehe, I have set it to work just my like my mouse. (it has RS232 connection indeed)

Just use some BIG buttons, and all works. (I forgot to set my multi display settings to ‘clone’, that is the only way it works)

b) Offcours I had looked at the Mixer Catweasel produced, too bad it doesn’t work for Beta9 (yet). Made me realise that 'pillow (DX9) gives the nicest buttons, but for now I stick to the GDI renderer, if I got everything to work I want, I will dive in the more beautifull world off DX9.

Or I might even make my interface in Photoshop, that would be realy nice, sweet and easy. (I think).

Shall try and ask more in the forum when I come across any/more problemms.

Also thinking about creating my own Wiki Page here, so I can post my progress on this project.

If everything goes like I want it to go, I am building a 10.000 euro system in VVVV for 1000 euro’s (yes, I need to buy VVVV, I know, and I will)

I bet that about everyone here will be interested in your project.
If you want to interface two touchscreens at the same time, you can write your own RS232 driver. It’s not extremely hard once you have the protocol info.

check touchframe (devices Interact442a) for an example (your commands and tokens will likely be different).

You are scaling me way to high, this is the first code I have ever done (except some basic at the Amiga, AMOS…).

I want to controll this with 1 touchscreen and a MIDI interface.
(never used MIDI before, so I have to dive intoo that too)

But for now I am just Patching my lights. Making chases with a RGB LED is prety strange, because you can do about anything, but have to make choices and keep it simple for the end user.

Starting My WIKI page asap.

Haha, was reading this old topic, and realized, that it isn’t a dream anymore…

Thnx to the guys from MESO, Sanch and Kalle… www.ricos.nl is UP AND RUNNING!!

Will be spending loads off time here at Rico’s making everything more beautifull, loads of xtra patches, and some small BugFixes are all I need…

Looking forward to make my webpage about Rico’s, and making a small wiki for the vvvv tech stuff we used…

Hips… makes me realize to not post when drunk WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!