LeapOrion Node doesn't appear in VVVV Beta window but appears and active in VL window

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Just bought a Leap Motion and trying to set SDK V4 4.0.0 in VVVV Beta 40 x64. Standard Leap node is not creating the connection so Leap guys suggested to install LeapOrion. I did through nugets. In VL window it is getting connected through LeapOrion Node but in Beta window, there is no LeapOrion node coming up when you search. Image below for reference;

Has anyone faced with the same issue and found a way to sort it?

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i’m afraid there is not LeapOrion for beta.
the idea for you should be to use it in vl and expose what properties you need to beta.
does that make sense?

Hi Joreg, thank you for the quick reply. Haven’t directly worked in VL so far, so need to understand how I can do it.

Instead of using LeapOrion, is there a way to activate Leap node? I enable it but it never gets connected. I searched forums, and there was an idea of using SDK 3.2.1 of Leap Motion, would that work? I am happy to downgrade the SDK as long as it works. Let me know your thoughts pls. thank you.


opening the helppatch of the Leap (Devices) node points you to download v2 drivers:

Another comment on these old v2 drivers … there’s a separate bugfix to make it work in Windows 10 (after some update), I didn’t see it at first - I think it was linked on the download page.

Thank you @joreg and @readme , let me try and will post the result here.

I am also in touch with a person from Leap Motion and will give him the update that there is no Node for Beta. He was the one suggested to post the issue here.


If Orion works in VL already there’s no need to make a plugin for beta, it just needs to be wrapped. Of you get a basic understanding of VL this is done really fast, like Joreg suggested.

Thanks @readme I will dig this in. Never directly worked with VL so far, but was trying to get in which this could be the start. Let me understand the logic first. May come back and ask some questions. Thanking in advance.



indeed, when i said this, it was poorly worded. rather it should have been: the LeapOrion for beta is the one that comes via VL.

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