Leapmotion no data under vvvv

Hi guys I just found my old leapmotion and I would like to finaly use it on a vvvv project
I have 3 computers, desktop I7, notebook i7, and notebook I5, latest windows 64b, lastest vvvv 38.1 + addonpack fresh install
latest leapmotion drivers

Leapmotion drivers and visualizer works just fine on all of them, but on the smallest one (i5 8gb ram no video card, just on board intel ) the visualizer works just fine, 120fps, but I dont have any data inside vvvv, neither finger position or images , already check leapmotion driver to allow web apps

no error on tty render, and no red nodes
what troubleshooting steps I can do to figure out why leap its not working on just one of them?
Already check v64 and v32, no data on either of them

Hi @andresc4, are you using the node with VL inside? I could take a look at this tomorrow, though I haven’t had any issues with it in a long time so it could be hard to diagnose. just check that the Leap Motion controller in the task bar says the device is on. It might be that it doesn’t turn on automatically with vvvv on that machine.

Yes I am using the VL node
I will try https://developer.leapmotion.com/releases/leap-motion-orion-321
Maybe its an issue with the lastest 4.0.0

Also, Im following this great tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtYRMjJcrwA
Does anyone have any patch related to gestures to use leap as a more complex input device?

@andresc4 there are to versions of the drivers. Orion and V2 Tracking. For me worked the V2 Tracking Drivers for the VL nodes and gestures.
I also had to applied the Windows 10 fix

@phlegma yes, I’m using 3,2,1 at the moment and it seems to be working just fine
Im looking for a intuitive way of moving across a 2d menu, I need Up,down, left righ
at the moment I’m doing it like this…
getting the difference between those 2 vertices and getting the acceleration of the movement, is there a better way of doing this ?

Or any app on the leapstore that suits this propouse ? already check like 5 of them and none of them likes me

Think that should be done by gestures Andreas

according to this, you have one way, is to swipe left and right
wonder why there is no swipe down and up… but i guess then it less reliable…

anyway, this:

dose’t sounds like a good idea in terms of noisy input… Mostlikeley you gonna get some wierdo results in the end… I’m guess your best bet is to do this circle one for up and down

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