Leap VL Plugin


you might have guessed it: Leap Motion VL Plugin!
Makes Leap Data available for VL. Includes a vvvvrapper, which exposes all necessary nodes to vvvv.



  • Unzip and start with the Overview.v4p. You can find all available nodes there.
  • For detailed info on each node -> they have helppatches.
  • also check out Demo.v4p

Many parts have been modeled after @microdee))'s ((contribution:Leap Pack. Big big credits to him.
Do not use both at the same time, there will be naming conflicts.

Note: when using the Image node, there will be hickups in the framerate - this is due to nodes used internally, not the leappack itself, and will be resolved.

Please use latest alpha, 64bit. Tested for alpha 261cf49d99.

Any feedback really appreciated!

…yours faithfully,
vvvvpraxisintern dominikkoller

Leap VLpack. alpha2, x64 (963.9 kB)

Hi Dominik,

Changes under the hood seem to have broken this contribution.

Having this working is nice but I’m curious to know if the changes have made it easier to implement this plugin and others. For instance are you guys working on a fix for the nested enums issue so won’t need to write a separate wrapper to get them working?

loveley guest

Hmm yeah there are problems with referencing vlcore.dll - a new version of it often breaks things that were built woth another. I can’t open it right now, what needs to be done is take the c# wrapper, update all references of vlcore.dll to your new vlcore.dll that is insode the pack, and rebuild it.

This is a pain in the ass and yes, it will be fixed.
To nested enums: While typedefinitions and what degree of freedom you have with them is a major topic, importing external nested enums for now is not - it will be solved in future language design features and is not important to language design on its own. I’m really looking forward to that too, though ;)

So yes, working hard on making it easier to implement plugins like that.

Thanks for the update, and its good to know progress is being made,

Chin-stroking Guest

Huge progress is being made (I can say that without bragging, I’m not involved in core dev). Right now, most of it is under the hood though, that’s why it seems so silent around it all.