Leap Motion not working in 64 bits

Leap node works fine in vvvv 32 bits, but can’t connect to device in vvvv 64 bits

hei mathieu,

i cannot confirm this. just opened the helppatch of Leap (Devices) in beta39 x64 and it works. what exactly are you doing to see it doesn’t work?

thanks for your fast reply

in beta39 x64 when I open the helppatch : isConnected and isServiceConnected outlets return 0
in beta39_x86 : helppatch do work fine here.

I’m using the latest leap drivers (4.0.0+52173)
windows 10 64

since it works here…can you try this on another PC?

Just tried on another PC with same versions of everything (Orion, vvvv, windows, …) and it works fine :-s
But on my PC, the leap DO works fine with any other software.

I see in the helppatch : “you need to install the V2 drivers”
is the leap node suposed to work with latest v4 drivers ?
(the dlls in C:\vvvv\vvvv_beta_39_x64\lib\nugets\VL.Devices.Leap.2019.1.0-0959-g3a31ab0c51\lib-native\x64 seem to be from the V2 SDK …)

indeed, as the helppatch says those nodes are using Leap v2! i have the 4.0.0+52173 currently installed and they work, so the driver seems backwards compatible. still you may wanna try removing that driver and installing the v2 driver which the nodes where actually made for. also see this post by phlegma regarding a “Win10 fix” he had to apply!

alternatively there is this work in progress: https://github.com/vvvv/VL.Devices.LeapOrion
they are using the latest leap driver. but you’d still have to build these yourself. and beware: while it basically works, it also needs a proper cleanup still. coordinate system is not vvvv-style and some nodes may still output non-normalized values…

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