LD2000 Funcionality _

Dearests vvvv Users,

I have been working with the ld20000 TO to a Pangolin PCI Laser Card-Controller and was able to draw Points in a arrow just by giving the ld2000 (devices) ld2000-(devices) Node XY Coords - But I was wondering how to achieve to draw different shapes by blanking the laser.

My concerns is that I come from working with PD and Max and I am not very used to the Spread approach of vvvv to control the color of the laser triggered by the Coords for example.
in Other words _

Thinking of drawing several parallel Lines in Laser, how could achieve the blinking with the LD2000 Nose in vvvv ?

Thanks everybody for any hint or information! - -

If you set the color of a dot to black, the ld2000 will add invisible points to be able to travel to that point accurately.
this is a partuclarity of the ld2000 driver.

so every new line should simply start with a black dot. then you should be good to go.

Thank your very much Eno _ it seems to be very easy to think about it. But still wondering how to achieve your proposal with the language architecture of vvvvv. Could you provide me a example Patch for that. Thank you very much for time.
Last piece I did last year - I resolve by not needing the blanking funciotnality,

But this year I am working on another piece - and I would like to draw parallel lines ;)

Thanks again -