Layout: Moving frames

1.) moving frames with a region inside behaves strange:

2.) also i use this to add a feaure request/improvement:
it would be great, if we can also select multiple frames together and move them around, as well as selecing frames and free floating nodes together if they are all selected:

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Did you try pressing SPACE while dragging? Does that help?


It’s funny, sometimes it helped to press space, and after that it was also fixed without pressing space… until a bit later it did not work again at all (with or without space).

Please find attached the .vl, in the left Frame it works as it should, in the right one it behaves not as it shoudl (at least not when testing, also not with space pressed).


frames_bug_move_frame_002.vl (18.1 KB)

I also find it very annoying that if you click+drag to select a bunch of nodes inside a group it always selects the group as well, but like you say if you select everything and have multiple groups the groups don’t get selected. It’s almost like its the wrong way round. If I am starting a selection inside a group and select only things inside that group, the group should not be selected.

Also please let us add groups inside of regions. Sometimes you have a large if region for example and create some groups inside to organise. If you move the region, the groups will not move.


Edit: while we are at the UX of groups. Please make it so that when we enter a long text for a group you don’t always have to resize the group once so that all the text is shown.