Layering textures for Dummies

Hi! Some basic questions about Layering textures.
I have some sequences of JPGs, and I wanna make a video with each sequence and then merge all this videos. I use PictureStack to make Textures from the JPGs, then RGBlumaswitch (“RGB video.fx” from to remove the background. So the flow is:

JPGs -(PictureStack)- Texture -(RGBlumaswitch)- Layer -(Group)- Renderer

Now, with DX9Texture I can convert the EX9Render.out back in a Texture

  1. it’s possible to convert a Layer in a Texture?

when I have a texture, I can modify the aspect with TRANSFORM(2d) node, for example using it together with QUAD node.

2)If I have already a Layer, how can I transform it (before to group this layer with the others)?

thank you all!

3) It is possible to transform a Texture before to convert it in a layer? I mean, there is any kind of node that have Texture and Transform as Input and Texture as output?

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aren’t you already answering your own question here? indeed that is the way to go: draw something to a renderer and if you want to reuse that as a texture use DX9Texture (EX9.Texture).

nodes that have a layer output typically have 2 transform inputs. one to transform the geometry. and another to transform the texture on the geometry. see?

no there is no such node. if you need that often you could create your own module that does exactly that. but basically what you do is put a texture on a geometry and transform texture and/or geometry. draw that in a renderer and convert the renderers output to a texture via the DX9Texture node.