Layer over video

hey you guys.

can anybody tell me how i can put a layer (70 % transparent blue stripe) over my video. just a stripe which takes a quater of the picture at the bottom.


That is easy, you just place a Quad over your video with a group node. Now you give the Quad a 70% Alpha with the SetAlpha node, and make the color blue.

70percent.v4p (10.3 kB)

thank you west.

I have got another question.
I want some text over the blue quadrat layer which is in front of the video.
It doesn’t work with text gdi…

would be nice if you / or any otherone think(s) about it.

Text GDI is for a (CPU based) GDI renderer, so that doesn’t work.

You can either use Electromeiers module for Dynamic text (can’t find a link atm)

Or play arround with the Text (EX9.geometry), connect that node to something than can show meshes, like Constant (EX9.effect).

I have a decent textscroller here some where… need to clean it and up it to my wiki some day (NOT today ;) ).

Check this posts that is made before for some help:
about boundingbox

if the text is white u can use the GDItexture node to transform the GDI renderer to a texture and then choose ADDitive with blend.

see patch (168.1 kB)

Wow!! U7, I re-learned a new trick today!!

I remembered trying something simulair, but since I wasn’t able to get some alpha info from the GDI, (wanted to save it as a .PNG) I dropped that idea… but this is rather COOL! :)

trick ? come on west, u 're a pro, u should know that ;)

hey fine, thnx.

but I need a yellow text. so I can’t use the trick for this project.
I was just searching for the dynamic text modul from electromeier… can’t find it???
if anybody has it or knows the link, please tell me.

here it is:

this one works only with monospaced fonts at the moment. im still missing that integral node with bin size inlet… maybe in the next vvvv version?

i did a version which allows carriage returns in each slice but its not cleaned up yet.

so well, maybe I’m so fucking stupid, but all the answeres you gave me do not work.

so i just want :

layer 1: Video
layer 2: blue quadrat
layer 3: text

an this all in one renderer.

it sounds simple- but is it??
or is vvvv the wrong programm for this?

maybe you should specify what exactly doesnt work? or post just post an examplepatch…

check the attached patch. (73.2 kB)

if you just need a type you can also use the built in text (text (ex9.geometry) node… which is easier to handle (just select ttf font). but it isnt spreadable…

so there is a file.
maybe it’s easier to understandt know.
just some text over the blue layer. (but not white text, colored text)

videowithtext.v4p (11.7 kB)

Ehh… I think you missed the HERR INSPECTOR when following your tutorials ;) Also follow the other tutorial, so you get an idea how the transform node works.

I attached a patch, and only thing you have to do is change the GROUP node with HERR INSPECTOR, add 1 pin and connect the constant.

videowithtext2.v4p (19.0 kB)

hey west.
first of all. thank you.
I was just wondering what went wrong.
I followed your instructions. but…
just have a look at it please. its just like nothing.

videowithtext4.v4p (18.6 kB)

don’t save a patch when in fullscreen mode, thats always a bad thing to do. might be the reason why it isnt working.

so here comes a patch which works

lalala.v4p (6.1 kB)