Layer input for dynamic plugin

Hello. I’m need to recieve Layer and Transform input and make custom type output that will containt transform and layer data. I’m found that Transform can be inputed and outputted via “Matrix4x4”, but i can’t found any type for Layer.

helo alg,

i am afraid but texture and layer input pins are not yet supported. can you elaborate on what you’re planning to do with a layer input?

@joreg I’m building object oriented framework with “Flash Display List” like hierarhy. I want to reduce output pins count by creating custom plugin that will combine Layer and Transform data into something like Object type and send it to another plugin that will split it into Transform and Layer data. It will looks like Vector(Join) and Vector(Split) i think and be inside all object modules. In other words, i’m just trying to introduce new custom type for my modules.

As for framework, it will simplify developing of large scale projects and GUI building.


hi. not sure what kind of interest alg has.

i strongly need glodal shadows. ssao, ss and gregsn’s shadows are limited. combining them together becoming too heavy. i wonder if we can write something with global lights and global shadows
but we need layer input pin for that.

we can strongly improove our old Draw smoother by applying textures to the lines. but we also need texture input pin.

so whould be nice to have both of them in pluging interface!

@bo27 you are able to have texture input via custom type. It’s was widely discoused on forums. But Texture input is unpossible in current API just because it’s sends texture data from one GPU process to another. You can solve this problem by creating your own FileTexture node that will send texture data to GPU and to CPU simultaneously. But i think the best way is to create new ecosystem for input plugins like FileTexture or VideoInput. All of this plugins must send both type of data (CPU and GPU).

Currently i’m playing with OpenCV inside VVVV plugins and just can’t publish my sources because it’s depends on my own kinect plugin. So, we really need standart way to send and receive raw texture data.

I think having layer input pin is not so complex, as texture input. Or i missed something?