Latest alpha sdk build crashes after closing the last patch window

i am building from the latest vvv-sdk develop branch @commit 5bda0ef3424a106a83e37655685d59a9995bdc4c

when i close the last patcher window i get a

Exception class: EAccessViolation
Exception message: Access violation at address 0049AF07 in module 'vvvv.exe'. Read of address 00000260.

Anything i am doing wrong?

I am 32bit (shame on me…)


crash log (25.4 kB)

oui, please try with latest alpha now and report.

ok. i’ll test, when github is back up :)

hm. still there… is it caused by the vvvv.exe binary or some code from the sdk?

i checked both, a build from the current develop branch and a freshly downloaded alpha build (32bit).

later today i have access to a different machine, will test there too.

crashlog attached.

vvvv.exe-exception-2013-02-09.txt (25.0 kB)

Nope. Same issue on another machine. As this is a 64bit cpu i alos tested the 64bit alpha build. The same “Range Check Error” appears + it also occurs, when releasing the ALT-key without any combinated key.

As far as i can read the stacktrace it is a missing handle to a window?

i hope it is not a heisenbug…

indeed. but now fixed, thanks for pointing out.