Hello - not sure where to post this thread, suppose here’ll do.

i’m shopping for a PC laptop and finding the whole thing quite boggling.
I need it for gigging round the world doing visual performances to accompany a musician.

I’m not only using vvvv and reckon i’ll need something quite powerful CPU-wise and on the graphics card front.

I was hoping you clever chaps would be able to point me in the right direction?
My budget can stretch to about £1300

p.s - Please don’t tell me to get a mac (i’d love to) because of the sotware i have i’m getting a PC.

I’ve got an Amilo 1630, 3700+ AMD64, very fast but not very reliable, I would maybe bear reliability in mind!
I’ve sent it back for replacement m/b twice now!


Mines a Targa Traveller (Athlon 64 Mobile 3000+, XP Home, 512M, 80G) with a PCI Express X700. I got it from Lidl on a “special” multimedia day for £999 back in Jan/Feb. It’s been very reliable and Targa have been very good at answering my queries, so good in fact that I bought a Targa 19" LCD monitor a few week ago, again at Lidl for £199. You could get both with your budget as well!

PS: I think there was an upgraded Traveller a few months after I got mine

i’ll move this to general patching questions… the wishlist forum is just for vvvv software christmas presents…

Well, since it is power you want, forget the small and portable labtops, better get one that is called: desktop replacement. Okay, they are ‘heavy’ (5+ kilo) and have short accu (30 minutes) but that is not what you are interested in.

You get a normall PSU (a pentium 4 for all I care) and a normal graphic card, not that ‘mobile’ crap.

for £1300 (€1930) you can get a very decent one, and be sure you get that xtra memory (1 gig at least, aim for 2 gig) and a normal 7200 rpm hard drive.

Good luck!

luxury @ that prices, service ist pretty well.

vic ; berlin

if it needs to be a laptop, i would go with dell. the xps is available with a gf7800go vga and 2.13gHz pentium m. i ran 65 quads with videotexture on without any stuttering.

but: my real suggestion is: if you find power supply where you are going to use it, buy a barebone. cheaper, more powerful and just a bit bigger :)
i drive my visuals on an xpc sn25p, amd 3700+ and gf 7800gt vivo. everything fine (now) and you will never ever get that performance on a notebook.