LAN camera, not gigabyt

Hi. ok better to open a thread for that.

I was in discussion with circuitb about IP cameras, and yes definitively, there is a subject here, and need of exchange.

Actually i m not finding the hardware of my dreams, wich would have in fact the following techs specs:

1:resolution 1280x1024 ( minimum)
2:25 fps or 30fps ( minimum)
3:focus, shutter, exposure manually or driver setted, without automatism for light exposure ( very important for stage use)
4:IP Camera sending an image in different format of compression, or different size, enabling use of wifi bridges ( 25Mbs real available transit)
5:an image of quality in terms of CCD ( colors, contrast) wich will be used visually
6:possibility to exchange simply optics without unbuilding the device ( C or PinHole optics ok )
7.wdm drivers to access it directly throught videoIn node without third party software

I m actually really more believing in IPCams, about connectics, unpluging while in use aspect and lengths and solidity of cables.
but security cams have strange reactions usually with light ( they must see everything), and industrial camera are generally done for LAN and not WAN so they are Gige.

SO, i would like really to exchange on that topic and have your feeling or links for interresting products.

voilà ! ;-)

hehe netbook+kinnect ::]
and tell me that’s not what you are looking for

hi anokhio !
no no… this is other project… ;-)

Seems you kind of allready figured things out …

… sounds like you want the simplicity an failproof of a ipcam,
and the controlls and imagequality from (pro)consumer camera.

What and where wil it be running?
There could be comparable ecxisting system?? Mayb one’s hanging just around the corner…

Or you could consider to try multi-cam? 2 or 3 simpeler (but each with its speciality) Also gives you more angles.

I know it’s not full controll, but it could get the job done.

Seen a cool setup once, where there several minicameras hidden.

Good luck

hi tube a loop, yes i want a pro quality, or by default a clean quality. any idea of material as IP cam ?