hi fellows,
i would like to make an edit on the l-systems by sanch but i’m somewhat stuck. instead of using the cylinder i would like to have curved branches. so i checked out teh dynamic shell patch and tried to combine it with the l-systems but the result was funky.
i modeled a branch and tried to use it with patch without any effort.

can anyone show me how?
also i would like to make my static modeled branch dynamic so it can move. i was inspired through the inverse kinematic help node. is it possible to get certain points inside the tupe branch to make it wiggle like an arm?

thanks paul

ast2.x (277.7 kB)

hi paul.
on your first question:
i remodeled your branch. note that it is important how an xfile is scaled and oriented before imporing it into vvvv.
try the new branch with the patch.
cheers jannis

ast_small.x (419.6 kB)

just some thoughts:

i think its best to deform one branch just endbewetween and let the very start and the end at the original positions, otherwise the following branch doesnt mach anymore in position.

second: i think you want to have each branch deformed different so for each branch you got a spread of random values. thats heavy spreadwork… and dynamic meshes get slow with higher vertexcounts and i think a whole tree has a lot of vertices. so the best option would probably be to deform it with a vertexshader. im got no shaderprogramming skills but im sure someone else can help you here.

it also depends of yourse what effect you want you like exactly.

the wiggle should be no problem when you add some movements to the transformationchain in sanchs patch…