Korg NanoKontrol

Here a new device from Korg

A very cheap (49 to 59€) Midi_Usb kontroller. I have worked a patch to use it, through the Midicontroller patch. All sliders and buttons from scene one mapped.

You can download the patch from my TikiPage

http://vvvv.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1821KorgNanoKontrol.v4p (50.15 Kb)

nano_black_tops_550.jpg (51.1 kB)


but the link here (and also that one on your userpage) is broken

try to change it

repaired link

hhhm, i’m just wondering, why this happened.

i uploaded a testfile to the same filegallery and assumed that the tikiwiki offers me that old ‘vvvv.org’-link.

but it didn’t.

Thnx for the work peptek, works great :)

I wonder why you send a spread off 16 slices to the channel number?

an I spread with 44&50 (6 values) will give the 6 control buttons.

just received my nanokontrol and tried the patch. great work! lots of thanks for sharing!

Do you know if this patch wil enable the setup of a KORG NANO PAD as well as the NANO CONTROL?