Korg Nano Pad - No midi signal coming in

@sunep great work with the 2 nodes you uploaded, they realy help me to map several midi controllers where i didt know the values!

i just purchased a nanopad and i was able to get X/Y pad rigth away, i will leave the final patch in contributions.

Its a great idea to create the midi controler patch + udp sender, in case of multi vjing, or vj+lv vvvving toguether its very nice to have the UDP connectin between several devices to make a network mid map :)

Ive made a patch for this device, but its not yet working with udp…

Anyway here it is, together with a preset for the nanopad(1).
Hopefully it will be usefull for some of you…

Its sending a lot of S(Value)'s , maybe those could simply be replaced with udp send like sunep did.

The patch would be a lot smaller if S(value) would be spreadable ( or if I would figure out how to spread it ;) )

I like using S and R but UDP could be a good replacement.
With costum built “R(UDP VALUE)” nodes. like R(Value UDP Midi) would only list the created S(UDP VALUE MIDI) Nodes, while keeping your regular R Nodes from being crowded by unused MIDI S(Value) nodes… Im rambling… :)

nanopad(Devices).rar (23.3 kB)

Oh… and here a short video on how to Fix your nanopad if the pads have become unresponsive. Fixed my problems…


wohaaaa thats a messy patch! :P
its a nice try, but there are several point to impove, i will make and upload mine in a few days
check out this thread https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/4255 i made some of the same mistakes that you made on yours

rigth now i can give you this, its a quick modification of sunep original patch, its made for the default settings of the controller, and i leave an example of you question.

korgpad 2 (32.7 kB)