Korg Nano Pad - No midi signal coming in


I just bought a Korg Nano Pad (version 1). Sven, thanks to him, helped me to have the touch pad working correctly so I have the X and Y data from my finger in vvvv. Sensual ! :)

But… there are 12 pads on this nice tiny device and none of them is working. I guess it’s not a device problem because Sven also have the same problem but probably something with vvvv.

I tried MidiNote and MidiController node without success.

Any user of something like nano pad ?

Thank you

Does it work on other pieces of software? That is only way to be SURE it is not a device problem.

If the XY pad works for you in vvvv, the buttons should also work.

Can you post a patch to show us what you tried to do? Did you map the buttons with the Korg software?

yes the XY pad is working perfectly, fast and without any latency. Here is the patch I’m using and two screen shot of the Korg Editor.

Do you know a little software for testing my controller ? I don’t have anything else than vvvv to test midi.


KorgNanoPad_output padl.v4p (11.8 kB)

Hi lecloneur

I am using the korg nanokontrol a lot and have made my own little way of controlling vvvv with it.

since the nano products have a very unstable connection and vvvv need to be restarted to reconnect to the midi device, I use the /allowmultiple argument to run two instances of vvvv. Where one communicates between the midi controller and the other patch actually doing the visuals so in case the midi device loose the connection, I can restart that instance of vvvv and not interrupt the performance by restarting vvvv.

to easily see what controller number each knob and fader has I use colors to quickly see which controller number the button I am tweaking has.

I have attached my simple patch (wo presets) I use and I think this visual aid in finding out which notes or controllers you are receiving might be helpful.

It seem that the midi channel is set to global so you should have no need to listen to more than one channel, alternatively you could set it to transmit on just the first channel.


midi2udp-CC.v4p (9.3 kB)
midi2udp-NOTE.v4p (9.4 kB)

Hi Sunep the multiple instance for midi controlling sounds a very good idea, i ll adopt it.

@io I actually patched this approach a couple of hours before my first performance with the nanokontrol because I lost connection to it during image check so it actually happen although not too often when you know to not jump around with the controller.


thanks Sunep for the tips using different instance of vvvv.

I’m not using the Korg Nano Kontrol but the Nano Pad. I have another midi controller the VMX Studio 2 from CodaNova, never had any problem. I also have, like you, the Nano Kontrol, no problem at all.
But the Nano Pad… still those pad won’t work, maybe a device problem I don’t know how to test it in a different way.
Maybe other people here know how to configure and use midi pad with vvvv.

To be honest, I also had all 3 of them, the Pad, the Kontrol and the Key. The Pad died within 2 weeks, leaving me with a XY slider. You get what you pay for.

But, see if you can install Midiox http://www.midiox.com/ if you see anything happening there, we should be able to make it work in vvvv.

@Sunep, nice idea to have multiple instances of vvvv running, is there a ‘how too’ some where in the digital universe?

@westbam I can’t remember seeing a tutorial about running multiple instances of vvvv but it is not very difficult.

you just add the line


to args.txt next to vvvv.exe and whenever you open a new patch it opens in a new instance of vvvv.

And then I communicate between the two instances with udp. You can see how I send the midi controller values via udp in midi2udp-CC.v4p in an earlier post in this thread.

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the documentation page documentation/commandline-parameters is the closest I can get to a tutorial.

Hmzz… never saw that page before, enough reading food, thnx both :)
As long as we can not scan again for unplugged/plugged USB devices, while vvvv is running, this is the only way to go. :)

whats about vux midi plugin ? released or not ?

@westbam it is not USB devices, and just midi devices that vvvv can not reconnect to. With hid devices you can reconnect.

@karistouf vux midi plugin is not yet released.

try this, switch chanels on each spread to be sure that you are on the rigth chanel

to test with another software download the demo of resolume 3.1 resolume.com
install that, go to “avenue->preferences->midi> be sure that the nano control its listed and check”
then go to Mapping, edit composition midi map, touch any area of the software and bang any of the pads

i also upload a patch that i use with bouth, korg nano control and korg nano pads, again, be sure to be on the right chanel, this was set up with the default settings of the korg software, so i would recomend to re-write the controller with the standar values

KorgNanoAll.v4p (106.4 kB)
C4testmidi.v4p (6.3 kB)


first thanks everybody for you tips and advices, I just come back from the shop I bought the Korg nano pad and … it was broken (already).

I tried midiOX and well received data from touchpad, but nothing from the pads. The guy at the shop tried with cubase and same problem so he gave me my money back.

Now I don’t know if I should find another NanoPad, looks really fragile… do you think the AKAI mini is the same in term of quality ?

Or maybe something small and cheap with pad ?


Soon ;)


a friend of mine has an akai ldp8 or whatever the akai pad thing is called and it seems much better quality than the korg nano products. it is now around 2 or 3 years old and still works


check out this work-in-progress by the resident hero, mr. @vux: https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/tree/develop/vvvv45/addonpack/src/nodes/plugins/Devices/TodoMap

it’s highly usable, already - and, of course, help with the finishing touches would, surely, be appreciated!

A couple of months ago I bought a nanoPad 2 because I just like the concept of the nano series. Great devices to have them lying around on your desktop, ready to tap in a beat or some melodies every now and then.
The nanoPad 2 has a full range of 16 pads and they work much much better than the ones of it’s predecessor (actually they were next to unsusable…).
BUT: Although both devices, 1 and 2, still work with other midi software, I never got one of them to run in vvvv. So I guess the problem is not related to malfunctioning hardware.

@Sven, if you are not getting the Korg stuff to work in vvvv, I fear you are doing something wrong, my 3 devices (Pad, Kontrol and Keys) worked right out of the box with vvvv. That is, until I hit the Pad to hard and wrecked it.

Nice to read the nano 2 series are better in build quality, if I ever need/want one again, I will sure check it out, but that AKAI LPD8 thing also looks sweet.