Kontrolleur - save and lock

Hi I have been using kontolleur on a android tablet as a 5 button trigger device,

The tablet is under a piece of perspex with holes routed for buttons, but.

Sometimes people lean hard enough the hit home on the android device and it backs out of the kontroller program, then I have to start it again and the program doesn’t save the ip settings so I have to type them in again.

So is there a good kiosk program that lock to a screen and doesn’t allow it to back out at all.

and how do I save settings so it starts in the button mode not settings mode (save isn’t working for me)



hei john,

i can only confirm that kontrolleurs save-functionality seems broken and also i don’t know any kiosk app for android that could prevent its closing.

just in case you didn’t realize: kontrolleur is opensource https://github.com/vvvv/Kontrolleur and could probably easily be fixed/modified to suit your needs.