Kontrolleur not working on Jelly Bean

I just updated to jellybean (4.1.1) and Kontrolleur will not start.

works for me…

had somehow a wrong version installed. getting the one linked by Joreg some time ago works.

I am not able to load the GUI elements, JB and 29.2

io, what you mean “not able to load the GUI elements”?
kontrolleur running fine here on android 4.2.2

In Kontrolleur IP&Port:, so it seems like it is picking up some internal IP, i can t see it in ifconfig though.

Hi K sends the position fine but the exposed ioboxes are not loaded in my phone.

Another weird thing: I can t input a “dot” in the IP field, I can only type numbers, I am on 4.1

sure you have “beta2” of kontrolleur? typing a dot works here.
it should say beta2 topright corner in the settings.

Yep that was it, so first I ve installed with the link offered in the F1 example, which installed beta1, afterwards I ve installed from the Play Store and got beta2, but not an upgrade, I have the 2 versions installed right now.

oui. fixed link in helppatch. thanks.
you can delete beta1, i just didn’t manage to make this an update…

A couple of things:

1.- a normal slider (no endless) has its horizontal values mapped to 2x, I mean that to move the slider on the phone screen all the way to right, I have to move my finger just to the center (starting from left)

2.- is there a way to have more than one button on the same line or build custom layouts? Or should I switch to Control for that?


Sorry for the fuzzy bug report, but now I can t see that behaviour any more, but faders seem to be stuck at moving only on steps of 1 unit (only integers)

ad 1) not sure what you mean
ad 2) only autolayout
and yes for sliders stepsize is fixed to 1.

keep in mind Kontrolleur is a quick proof of concept. i was hoping that Control would one day be able to take over.