Kontrolleur Helpfile


is there anything like a Helpfile to get Kontrolleur started.
I seem to be a little bit too dumb to figure out how to actually
send multiple arguments to the phone in the given format aka. /k/add sssfffff

And how the heck do i make it run like it is running in the demo- video on vimeo… i mean… io box connected to what?/ read out the descriptive name and so on how?

Sorry if this is too noobish, but i have no clue how this works. Getting the data FROM the phone is working like charm btw.

Thx for any help, C

Did get it to work, partially!

My failure was, that i didn´t write the typetag-format as ONE single sequence of characters (like “sssfffff”) but connected a spread of 8 single characters.

What´s left is the Question about how to control the interface via changing io-boxes as shown in the video.


helo cznickesz,

kontrolleur for vvvv will only work with betas>25.1. still to be released…

Well… and how would I get the values of the sliders/ buttons back into vvvv?

I understand… damnit! :-(

The functionality so far (constructing single interfaceobjects does work but with no loopback of any values as i mentioned) is looking like this will be a VERY nice feature. looking forward to that.

Cheers, C

if you have ipod or ipad, have a look to fantastick’s gilbi set: fantastick-plugin
double communication is easy to implement, as FS is only a GUI

note that Fantastick is now open source and if you are from code party on android, it could be a real great thing to do

Fantastick looks great, but I recently switched from iOs to Android so it´s no real option.

At the moment i was just thinking of using kontrolleur for simulating some sensor- data for debugging-tasks while working on an multisensordriven installation.

Kontrolleur would have been my first choice due to the very tight implementation into vvvv (as it looked like in the video ;-) ).
For now i´ll just use touchosc or FingerPlayMidi or such and come back to Kontrolleur later.

Thx. C

Control (http://charlie-roberts.com/Control/) is nearly there - he recently released dynamic interface creation via OSC messages. Android port is (not wholly) functional now - only a matter of time to catch up, the intent is to be fully crossplatform. I’ve been meaning to compile it for my android, but can’t find the time. :-(
Latest code here: https://github.com/charlieroberts/Control/tree/develop

Trying to get Kontrolleur working with newest beta. Is there any helpfiles now?

kontrolleur is a bit on standby. i will announce as soon as there is something to test.

Ah, ok. I just found the node in newest beta and no further info. Let us know as soon continue, I like the idea of staying grey on my handheld as well. ;)

hello , i tested today kontrolleur , i got it half working the endless and slide ,only the endless reacting in the vvvv patch .
i did it by changing the names of the ioboxes and in the prefix trying diferent words like s , e , t etc .

i could not get multiple controls as in the video , also screen and text not in right size using Samsung galaxy Ace . but it looks promising . i,ll wait for next release . thanks joreg