Kolorkinetics & dmx help!

recently we were engaged in a project of visualizing data.


we were storing and representing real-time info of bicing. a free bike-shared public transport in barcelona… you might know.
all the info is taken out from the web with a ripper(someone else helped us), stored in the server, called throught php and processed in vvvv.

anyway… we want to repesent this mesh in a 3d array led.
like the mesh in “point” mode…
we have the possiblities of having many of those smart leds:

we wanted to know if somebody has worked already with those phillips led strips using DMX, and what would be the best option for us to do a 3darray led.(as james clar)

we are absolutely new to this world of DMX.
we have used usb-midi with vvvv, but that was pretty easy…
we really wait your advice
more or less the grid would be about 20x20x5
or 400 geographical-based spots and 5 heights…
about 2000 leds…
so how possible it is?
one computer?
can have 20x20 leds controlled at each universe? so, each level?
and then have 5 universes or more, to have the height?

many many thanks!


i know that @MSBERGER has patches to control those colorkinetics powersupplies directly via UDP. therewith you even wouldn’t need DMX. Perhaps if you kindly ask him…

As James Clar? then you only want to switch them? ;)
i made a 12 x 12 x 8 one with dimmable white leds.
I’d suggest you to simulate your array within vvvv then you’ll come closer to what you really want.