KNX standard in vvvv

Hi guys,
has anyone ever tried to interfacing vvvv with the KNX protocol? It’s a standard for home and building control. It could be vvvvery interesting!

Let me know…

if you find any specs/info of the protocol, it’ll be likely that one can build some nodes for that…

mr kalle maybe did it cube


IMNSHO in most cases you do NOT want to communicate with a KNXinstallation in a “direct way”.

assuming that we are not talking about dimming 5 fixtures in your student appartment but dealing with client, construction site, new electrical installation, contractors, contracts, money, deadlines, liability…

FWIK there is no generic approach to hack into an existing KNX system
; you need to refer to the specific local architecture of the KNX.

(hehe, trial’n’error, lets see what happens,hhhm nothing. One hour later it turns out that you opened the roof windows of the neighbour building, which was unattended, and yes, it was raining like hell… )

KNX is at least somewhat bureaucratic or better stubborn.
From my experience even larger electrical installation companies do hire external KNXprogrammers (maybe only to outsource liability? think about that…)

Anyway that guy is usually is as “monorailed” (means: stubborn…) as KNX is.
And be sure: he is definitely NOT around when you are in need of information. (in the night :) )

So what to do?

Assuming that in the very most cases the task is as simple as that:

  • start up your vvvv-setup via KNX (in the morning…)
  • shut down your vvvv-setup via KNX (end of day…)

announce the need of (at least) one potential-free contact close to your machine(s) to the electrical contractor.
use some serious expensive GPIOdevice to connect.
(btw. USB-Gameport for 20 € worked fine for me :D )

announce the procedures to the KNXguy:

!!! Shutdown

ON (contactclosed) vvvv etc starts shutdown procedure.
WAIT 5 (e.g.) minutes
Switch off all RCBO (s) supplying the vvvv-setup

!!! Startup

Switch On all RCBO (s) supplying the vvvv-setup

make sure your BIOS/UEFI has a feature like:

furthermore make clear that the POWER OFF state must not be less than 5 minutes before POWER ON to guarantee a successfull startup.

This way

  • you have a well defined handover of responsabilities.
  • both Electrician and KNXguy understand what you want and can provide easily.
  • you don’t have to deal with all that annoying changes regarding the handling of that KNX the unhappy client wants later on… and be sure: that is going to happen.

Thanks master kalle

wise words…

Thanks @kalle for the feedback. What I want to offer is to control a KNX installation from vvvv, something like turn on/off lights, blinds or shutters.

I found this open source community that could be interesting:

I think that I could install a OpenRemote server that recieves HTTP messages from vvvv and routes the commands to the KNX installation.

What do you think about it?