KML/KMX Google maps mymaps output to VVVV

I’m playing with the idea of using VVVV for an interactive map, I use mymaps on google to create maps, and they have the ability to export, which has the coordinates. By keeping the data in the maps table, and exporting the KML, the virtual representation within VVVV gets updated, when I re-import the data into VVVV. For example a change in a name, or location, gets updated easily.

I understand that KML is basically XML, but I’'m not really up to speed on how to extract the data from XML out, for example, each of the elements would have a description, which I’d like to link to an element in the gui, clicking on the location brings the description for that location.

Have you looked at the xpath help file, and then onwards to the online links it has? I’ve mostly failed when using the elements and children nodes, xpath seems the most reliable, or easily understandable, in its weird peculiar way!

This one works on how the KML files looked some years ago, No idea if it has changed since: KMLreader-solo.v4p (28.4 KB)

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Cool, thanks heaps!

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