Kissbox DMX1TR Compatibility


I want to send 150 values over ARTNET.

Has anybody used the Kissbox DMX1TR - DMX-512 before?

Can I expect this to simply work with DMX (Network Artnet Sender)?

Anything I should be prepared for?

Thanks, q

Yes, it should work as simple as that. The only pitfall would be you need Power over Ethernet, so use a special hub for that. And make sure you don’t mix up your Networks.

On the vvvv side, your values should be mapped between 0 and 1, so not between 0 and 255 like DMX. Also the universes on vvvv start with 0, so be aware for that.

Googled a bit, can’t seem to find a price, where did you get yours?

Good luck, let us know if it worked :)

Hey West,

Power over Ethernet is a good catch.

And I don’t have access to it yet, it’s being supplied for a venue.
So, good to know that it’s supposed to be working.

What would mixing up my networks involve?
I supposed that i use a broadcasting address in the local
network range. Could this potentially interfere with a boygroup?

I will let you know how it went,
and thanks again, q

"I supposed that i use a broadcasting address in the local
network range. " Yes, here I have 2 IP ranges running for 2 networks, behind one firewall, so connecting my artnet node to the wrong switch will not work for me. Doubt it will interfere with boy grouping.

Are these things more expensive than these (entec Artnet thingies) things?

Thanks for clearing that up.

Just looked around, but the internet seems ominously void of any prizing information. So my guess would be that it’s more expensive than the Enttec, which I was considering as well. As I said, it will be supplied by a rental company and this is what they came up with.

Here’s what I got:

And well, this also turned up…

the Kissbox DMX is (or at least was back in 2008) around € 450,00

reporting back.

setup time was 1 minute, attaching the cables in a
darkly lit corner. plugged it in, sent my values.

everything worked instantly, flawlessly, reliably.

don’t know what else to add here.