Kinetic Block Installation

Dear Devvvvs,
Have anyone ever created kinetic installation like this using vvvv?
I’m so curious and really interested about it.

here are the references :

Kinetic Blocks

Kinetic Blocks 2

is it sending value to Arduino or using DMX?

Thank you

Ive worked on several kinetic projects with many moving parts.
Even worked on an very early prototype of the second video you posted
We are not using arduino for that stuff but more professional systems - (since there always are many security requirements).
For vvvv ive writting custom plugins to interface with the motor systems since most of these system need to run on real time environments. Think having a slight vvvv hickup could cause the motor exceed its limits or crash into something etc… Not good if your installation for example is hanging on top of people :)
Here are some more kinetic examples:


WOOOOOOOOOWWWW @ethermammoth you are so coooolll, and the third video of kinetic installation is very very very awesome.

Oke noted, so I have to create a custom vvvv plugin and using more professional hardware.

if I want to do some little experiments / small scale about it, can I just use non professional hardware ( just like I said only using Arduino or DMX ) but still using custom / write on vvvv plugin for it?

yea for sure! have a look at the arduino stuff - it can get you all the way.
better video btw - really awesome

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yes I use that reference with Arduino using rs232 node for some of my projects, but I only use to control a simple stuff like stepper or encoder, after watching that video reference I just cant figure out how to map the matrix of the hardware to the vvvv hahaha. is it using firmata node would be more possible?

you are really cool @ethermammoth , could create something like that

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