Kinekt Tracking

Hello everybody
I’m probably already one of the hundreds of newbie with Kinekt and vvvv
But i still dare to ask you at least a Direction which i need to take or what should i look to make some similar installation like here

I have a Project were i basically need a similar one, but i just a bit confused where could i start.

My installation looks a bit as a tornado where i need a person, which coming inside and animation starts and if the person move inside, the video react and also move with a person. I’m not sure if it’s possible, that’s why i would be really happy if i could get some helpful thoughts opinion. I also thought it could be interesting if you could touch it and then it start to react …but i’m not sure that it will react on the whole object, but just on the arrange, where the Kinekt see the Hand
Sorry for to much questions and hopefully you could help me. Thank you !!

Hi Veronica.

For a start I would reccomend to check this link here

and then the helpfiles of the nodes.

Have you installed Kinect on VVVV?

Are you able to get data out of Skeleton Node?

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