I’m about to contribute a pack of effects for kinect depth (like texturefx)

Problem is, the only kinect plugins i got to work were vux’s ones, but i wanted to aim to the OpenNI thing (and since depth pictures were different between nui platform/mssdk-using plugins, i assume it will be different with openni too)

Now, can someone PLEASE guide me to install openni and to get the plugin to work on win7 x64?

here are some examples of what this is about:

ok I’ll try to help here…

Install the following in this order with kinect disconnected (don’t worry about using the 32bit versions, 64bit versions won’t work):

OpenNI (32bit, stable, redist edition)
SensorKinect091 (32bit)
NITE (32bit, stable, redist edition)

Plug in Kinect, start vvvv, and the 1.3 plugin should work

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jon, this worked just fine!

another question - getting this picture right from the Depth node - are these black borders supposed to be there? is it some kind of ‘untransformed’ image data coming from kinect?

that should be the blind spot and therefore normal

I’d like to help. Skype.

hei unc,

the outer black border on your image comes from the depth-image being adapted/distorted to match the rgb-images view. this feature is ON by default but can be disabled via Adapt to RGB View on Depth (Kinect OpenNI). thinking about it again one could argue that the default should be OFF.

ceterum censeo skype esse delendam. viva irc!

Am I missing something? No such a pin here, OpenNI library 1.3

ah, obviously then this pin is only coming with the next release of openni-plugs (which for now is only working with the latest alpha), see: forum-alpha/openni-for-alpha27.1

Sorry to dig this out after such a long time, but I would be very interested into cleaned up depth map/useful shaders for kinect in general. You may not just have them laying around?

Yeah totally forgot about this thread. These filters look awesome. Are you using DX11 Kinect now unc? Saw a really nice video from you with what looked like geometry shading.

i like also reanimate the thread.
my Xtion 60 fps texture looks very noisy, can’t use it
I don’t know if unc shader would fix it

also found here some build-in filters, would be useful in v4