Kinect2 particle system with DX11.Particles

Hello all, first post here also new to vvvv (also very excited!), so hello!

I’ve been working with Kinect for a while with a different software and after seeing the teaser on DX11.Particles page (here; I was very inspired to give this a shot.

The particular (no pun intented!) scene I want to achieve is the thing you can see at 1:04, where there are particles emitting from the body. I’m using a Kinect2 and would be very happy if I can create something like this but after downloading the pack I realized I actually don’t have an idea where to start with the basic knowledge I have about vvvv.

As far as I see, it’s more of a set of modules than a set of ready patches, am I correct?
If so, I wonder how can I build such a patch? I see there are guides for each node but I guess at my level they are not truly understandable.

Why I’m asking this here is that I’m in a hurry actually. I realize the best answer for such a question would to be to start from scratch and keep learning until I’m at a level to build what I want with this pre-prepared nodes. But as I said I really need to achieve this as soon as possible.

I wonder would anyone be willing to help me on this?

Thank you very much.

hey! have a look at the KinectSetup patch under
this should go a bit into the direction you want to go.

Thanks so much tmp, I will check it write back asap!

Best wishes.

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