Kinect2 (or possibly basic v4) question


i work with with v4 on a not so regular basis, so sometimes i don’t see the forest for the trees. please bear with me :)

I’m stuck with the Kinect2 node. In our setup for whatever reasons sometimes the kinect dies/falls asleep and is not available anymore. What i would like to do is use the seemingly handy “isAvailable” output of the Kinect2 node to trigger a reset. I make a “=” comparison and want to feed the result into the Kinect2 reset input. However v4 doesn’t let me connect to it. Connecting a standard bang is no problem.
I guess I’m missing something very obvious here…?

Very grateful for any help.


hej nadja,

check FrameDelay (Animation)


Thank you so much! of course that was it.