Kinect2 Joint Orientation: Quaternion to Euler

hello everybody!

i’m using a kinect2 and want to detect wheater the user is looking towards the kinect or away.

the node “Skeleton (Kinect2 Microsoft)” outputs “JointOrientationXYZW” as quaternion.
how can i use this information to make my decision?

after converting the quaternion data to euler, my values seem to be somehow correct, but not really useable.

some examples for the converted y-rotation:

  1. +0.4999 = user looking towards OR away form the kinect
  2. -0.4999 = user looking towards OR away form the kinect

furthermore 0.3/-0.3 seems to mean that the kinect2 sees the user from the side. why are the values not 0,5/-0,5 then?

btw: the 3d boxes previewing my skeleton are rotated in the correct way when i use the “Rotate (Quaternion Vector)” as transformation…


Kinect2-UserOrientation.v4p (10.9 kB)

can’t find the thread in the kinect2 forum atm but iirc correctly someone there suggested to use facetracker instead for that problem and see if a face is found or not…