Kinect2 dx11 64 Bit not working

Hey everyone,
I know it probably is the millionth thread about the kinect but I can’t seem to find the answers to my problems - even after hours of searching. Also, I am new to vvvv ;)

I am working on a 64-bit system. I did install the addon pack, the dx11 pack and the dx11.particles pack. When I start the KinectSetup.v4p I get the following:

Can anyone help me or at least hint me to a way of troubleshooting/debugging?

since you’re new please first read through these general ways for debugging:

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are you sure you are using the right patch for your kinect version? thread title says Kinect2 but the screenshot shows the module for Kinect v1…

see if you have more success using the Kinect2 (DX11.Particles.Kinect) patch…

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Thank you so much - that simply was to easy.

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