Kinect2 ColorFOV offset?

hello evvvverybody,

just saw that Kinect2’s FOVXYs for Color and Depth behave in a different way.
Seems as if ColorFOVXY is not correct in detail.

I’m mapping Joint PositionXYZ of Kinect2’s Skeleton (Kinect2 Microsoft)
both to the Color and Depth image via Perspective (Transform FOV).
Only for the color image i need an x-offset of 0.05.

Vux’s code on github is the same for both output pins of Kinect2 (Devices Microsoft):

this.FOutColorFOV[0](0) = new Vector2D(this.runtime.Runtime.ColorFrameSource.FrameDescription.HorizontalFieldOfView,
									this.runtime.Runtime.ColorFrameSource.FrameDescription.VerticalFieldOfView)  *(float)VMath.DegToCyc;

this.FOutDepthFOV[0](0) = new Vector2D(this.runtime.Runtime.DepthFrameSource.FrameDescription.HorizontalFieldOfView,
									this.runtime.Runtime.DepthFrameSource.FrameDescription.VerticalFieldOfView)  *(float)VMath.DegToCyc;

Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Kinect2FOV.v4p (15.2 kB)