Kinect World to Mesh

Trying to create meshes of bodies, out of Kinects World image. The World texture is masked with the Player texture and sent to the ParticleGPU-Surface Node. However, the black contours behaving a bit strange. In the mesh, they become much thicker than in the original World texture (attached an image where the contour of the hand can be compared). Changing the resolution helps reducing the black outlines a bit, but the gaps still remain. Maybe there is an alternative solution? Many thanks for any hints.


perhaps this helps:

it includes a mesh node.
be sure to get the latest version via github.

Yes, I tried the mesh node. Thanks for the suggestion. It seems that it works with the depth map rather than the world map, which makes it a bit difficult to get real dimensions. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a shader option (or maybe I was missing something).