Kinect ( vux) select part


i am using kinect (vux) node, and i am trying to select only one side of my body, like hand or head, but i don t know the way to make it.
so any one ca help me to undestrant

how i can select only my figure with out the background


how can slect one part of the body


take the coordinate x y , of thise part…


i know that it are many thing to ask, but iwill enjoy if anyone give the main idea to make it…



Have you completely explored the help patches before writing this question? However you can use player node and use it like a mask/blend to get only the user part without background. Or do you mean if 2 people are standing closer and furthur away? For specific parts use get slice to draw X,Y,Z from skeleton node.

is that the Kinect with Kinect SDK? If so, you can use the output from the joint pin to select which body part. Somebody posted the list of joints and what they’re representing in this forum, maybe you can search for it.

so, you just need to connect the output from that joint pin to the GetSlice node and use the desired joint number as the second input. That’s how you get the X, Y and Z from the required body part. Then to select only the X, Y or Z you can connect GetSlice output to Vector (split) node.

I believe that method only works for 1 player, so by default if you’re the only person standing in front of the Kinect, it will gathers only the data from you. Kinect does an amazing job separating you (the person) from the environment.

Hope that helps :)

P.S. I believe this will also work with the Kinect OpenNI. Both nodes were made by vux if I’m not mistaken.

Not both, Open NI are from Phlegma & joreg.

ah my bad, thanks for clearing that Urbankind :)